Four Useful Tips for You to See a Doctor in China

Four Useful Tips for You to See a Doctor in China

In people’s daily life, there would be sickness emergency. Compared with hospital system in foreign countries, Chinese hospitals are not doing satisfactorily in many aspects. Therefore, if you, a foreigner in China, want to see a doctor in China, the following 4 tips should be borne in mind for the sake of your convenience.

Being Familiar with the Structure of the Hospital

As all of the hospitals have their own architectural style, once entering a strange environment, you would feel that you lose your way in a maze. Where to pay fees or take photo would be a little difficult for you even if you are guided by others. Once you enter a hospital, you, first of all, need to observe the ichnography of the hospital and then have a general direction in heart. This will save you a lot of troubles.

Standing in line patiently

China has a large population and there are also a lot of patients in hospitals as well. Although you set out one or two hours in advance, you will still encounter a long line. The only thing you can do by the moment is to stand in line patiently. At the same time, you should be prepared that the average doctors or medical servants are not very good at English and they cannot understand you very well. A good suggestion is to take a Chinese friend with you if you are also not good at Chinese.

Choosing a Clean Hospital

As there are many hospitals in China, and some of them have a bad environment, where the air is polluted and dirt are seen everywhere. If you are unfortunately arranged in a dirty room, you mood will be rather terrible. Therefore, you should choose a clean hospital according to you investigation in advance.

Do not Panic at Indisposition

If you are only caught by indisposition, don’t panic and try to look for a doctor. As the medical system in China is not complete and the charging fees are high, it will cost you as high as several hundred RMB for a minor disease such as cold. Though there is common illness in life, it will cost you a lot of money in medicine in China.
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