Are You Suitable for Teaching in China

Are You Suitable for Teaching in China?

As China continues to open to the outside world, more and more foreigners come to China to teach languages and other subjects. This absolutely improves international communication. Do you want to teach in China? Please read the following 5 points and see whether you are suitable for teaching in China. Enthusiasm for China and Chinese Culture

This is the basic requirement. If you are enthusiastic about China and Chinese culture, you will be adaptable to the country at once, and have a better understanding about Chinese educational culture, background and working environment. You will be full of passion to teach students with the correct ideas and lead them to learn the subjects better.

Love for Educational Career

If you love your educational career, then you will be willing to cooperate with the schools and make joint efforts to improve students’ knowledge level. You should love your students and care for them, and be active to help them participate in subject practice. Besides, you should be patient and responsible. Without this love, you may not contribute all to the educational career.

Education Background

Only equipped with professional knowledge can you be qualified to the job. You should have 2 qualifications: International Teacher Certificate and Foreign Expert Certificate. Besides, you must have the legal work visa. With professional knowledge, you can make your students trust you. That will really enable them to master knowledge and help them solve the problems.


No doubt that a healthy body means a lot to you. Having a healthy body, you can do the best as possible as you can.


The best age for teaching is from 30 to 50, because during this period, the career development is the most stable and there are not many things to disturb you, and you will be more patient to educate students and are dedicated to your educational career.

Why choose Teach in China?
Teaching aboard especially in China can be a challenge, you need a reliable agency to select the most suitable job for you and help you to arrange the right visa and help you to deal with some unexpected situations is what our company is best at helping with.  

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Sometimes you may decide to ask for the school of your choice whether its teaching Adults or Kindergarten at different grade levels, and you realize its not the environment you expected because you have obtained the hands on experience at the school and may not fit within your teaching personality. But if you use us, we can shift you to another school right away without a gap period and give you different options, so you will eventually be comfortable and happy with the school of your choice that fits your teaching personality.
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Most of Chinese people’s English is not good enough to communicate with you, but if you work with us, we will have one on one assistant service for you and to deal with daily life and different situations.
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We have lots of ESL teaching materials that can be used to help and assist you as well as provide free training and help so you can be familiar with the Chinese teaching method and give you lots of practical suggestions.